Window Treatments That Look Great with Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are popular all over Australia and Europe because they offer a reasonably uninterrupted view over the rear of a property. When installed, they connect the back garden to the interior of a home in a way that a conventional back door can never do. However, they are not the most efficient way of keeping heat trapped inside during the winter months. In addition, they are not the best at providing privacy from prying eyes looking inwards. Both of these potential drawbacks can be dealt with if you choose the right sort of window treatment. What are the main options?

Eyelet Curtains

So long as you fit a curtain pole that extends either side of your patio doors by around 50 cm, you will have enough room for a pair of eyelet curtains. This is a relatively simple window treatment that will allow sufficient room for the patio doors' glazing to be totally exposed when you want it to be. This is because eyelet curtains can fold up onto themselves when fully pulled back. However, they also provide total privacy when you draw them toward the centre of the doors. Bear in mind that you will need to pay for floor-to-ceiling eyelet curtains to ensure the doors are fully covered, however.

Vertical Blinds

You don't see many vertical blinds used for windows nowadays but they are ideal for covering patio doors. More cost-effective than other sorts of blinds, vertical blinds can be pulled back such that they hardly take up any space at the side of the doors and won't restrict access in or out in any way when the doors are slid back. However, you can also use them to create a total visual block from the outside, when wanted. Vertical blinds can also be adjusted so that the vertical sections of fabric face the sun, helping you to see outside but still preventing your home from overheating on a sunny day. This makes them much more practical than other options.

Tab Top Curtains

One of the cheapest sorts of window treatments you can choose, it is easy to see why tab top curtains are so popular. With a pair of lined tab top curtains, you will also be able to help your patio doors to prevent too much heat from escaping. Lined curtains are much better at providing insulation than other sorts of window treatments. With tab top curtains, you'll probably need to use tie backs so that they don't get in the way when they're not in use, however.