Why Choose a Timber Kitchen Island Benchtop When You Already Have Surrounding Stone Benchtops?

Most people have kitchen benchtops made of natural or engineered stone, and they work great. However, there's no need to stick with your stone if you're going to be adding a kitchen island. Instead, you should think about using timber for the kitchen island benchtop, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Pleasing Contrast  

You might assume that all benchtops should match, but that's not necessarily the case. If all your other benchtops are stone, it makes a nice contrast to pick timber for your kitchen island. Timber has a warm and inviting appearance that makes sense in the middle of a room, and choosing something that contrasts with your surrounding benchtops really makes the island into the focal point.

2. Perfect for Dining

Most people don't eat at regular countertops, but one of the great things about fitting a kitchen island is having a separate space where you can grab light meals or have a glass of wine with your friends. With that in mind, it makes sense to choose a benchtop material like timber instead of sticking with stone. You'll unite the practicality of a regular benchtop with the atmosphere and comfort of a dining table.

3. Perfect Alternative Work Surface

Countertops need to be hard to put up with all the food prep you put them through, but it's also nice to have a slightly softer benchtop in the middle of the room for lighter prep. Timber is still tough, but it also works better for some food prep than natural or engineered stone. For example, you can do some cutting on timber without having to worry about blunting your knives, and timber is much nicer to work on when you need your work surface to stay cool. When you need to work on a stone benchtop, you'll have one there; when you want to use a timber work surface, you can turn to your kitchen island.

4. Absorbs Sound

People often fail to appreciate just how much quieter timber benchtops are than those made from stone. Because it isn't as hard or dense as stone, timber absorbs sound instead of resonating it. This is an important factor when looking at kitchen island benchtops since islands will sit in the middle of the room and radiate sound outwards. As mentioned above, it's also where people like to grab a light snack or quick drink, so you'll want to keep things relaxed and quiet.