Two Common Reasons Why Homeowners Rent Storage Units

Are you needing space to store some of your items? Here are a couple of common reasons why homeowners rent storage units.

To keep their most fragile household items safe whilst they're training their young pets

One reason why some homeowners rent these units is so they have a safe place to keep their most fragile household items, whilst they're training their young pets. A puppy or a kitten who is not yet trained can do a lot of damage to a home's contents. For example, a puppy or kitten that is not housetrained might have accidents on expensive rugs that leave them stained, or they might leave bite or claw marks on wooden furniture, and might tear up valuable cushion covers. Whilst playing and jumping on surfaces they're not supposed to be on, they could also knock over table lamps and delicate ornaments.

For homeowners with young pets, the period during which they're training their animals is often a lot less stressful if they keep their delicate household items in a storage unit until they're confident that their pets have undergone enough training to behave properly around these objects. Putting these items in a storage unit is often safer than putting them in an area of their home their young pets cannot access, such as the attic, as the latter might be home to some mice that the homeowner is not aware of, or could be damp, in which case their valuables could get damaged in other ways. Conversely, household items that are kept in a storage unit won't be damaged, as these units are not humid and are so well sealed that there is virtually no risk of rodents accessing their interiors.

To store their biggest gardening equipment that's taking up too much space in their garden sheds

Not all homeowners have spacious garden sheds, but some may need to store quite a lot of items in this area of their property (including not only gardening items but also decorating supplies, pressure washers, etc.). Homeowners in this situation can, after putting their largest gardening items (like their lawnmowers) in their sheds, find that they have very little space left for the other items that they also have to put in this area. When this happens, the solution that many homeowners come up with is putting their most space-consuming items in a storage unit.

Keeping, for example, their lawnmower, which they may only need to use once a fortnight throughout most of the year, in a storage unit can then allow them to keep the other items, that they may need to use more often (such as their weeding tools) neatly organised in their shed, instead of having to cram them in beside this bigger item. Furthermore, putting their large and expensive pieces of gardening equipment in a unit could be safer than keeping them in a garden shed, as the former is far more secure than the latter (as storage units are not only secured with robust doors and locks but are also usually located in facilities with security teams and alarm systems).