Simple Tips for Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Space on a Budget

Someone with an unlimited budget can easily create a welcoming and inviting outdoor space; however, even if you have limited funds, this doesn't mean the space outside your home needs to be dull and drab. There are many ways to create a welcoming outdoor space on a limited budget, often using the materials that are already installed outside your home. Consider what is meant by that and how to enhance and improve your outdoor areas.

1. Awning walls and curtains

If your home has an awning installed over a side or back windows, you can add awning walls or curtains and create a space that is welcoming and inviting very easily. The walls can match your awning and provide shade from direct sunlight or privacy from neighbours, so the area under your awning can be used as a patio or even as added storage for bikes and other items. Curtains are especially welcoming and the fabric can help insulate sound from both inside and outside the space.

2. Paver stones

If you don't have the budget to have a concrete slab poured outside your home to create a patio area, consider paver stones. These are heavy enough to withstand foot traffic but easy enough to install on your own. Invest in a tamper tool, which is like a shovel or garden rake but with a flat head that you use to tamp down the dirt and make it compact and level. Also, be sure you measure the space for the stones and buy what is needed rather than trying to "eyeball" the space. For even more savings, shop around for reclaimed or used stones that have been salvaged from other properties. Since stones are so durable, these used stones may seem like new but will be much cheaper.

3. Dress up the carport

If you have a carport installed, you might clean it up and dress it up for use as an outdoor space. Scrub the concrete with a cement detergent and heavy-duty brush to remove any oil stains, and consider having it painted for a nice look. Hang outdoor curtains along the posts of the carport, to hide those beams and provide privacy as well as a welcoming look. You might also install some hooks along the ceiling edge of the carport, for hanging flower pots. Invest in storage bins to hide tools and sporting goods, for a neater appearance. All you then need to do is move the car to the street and put up a cafe table and chairs, and you have a beautiful and welcoming outdoor area.

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