3 Tips for Moving To A Smaller House

Are you downsizing during your next move? Whether it's to keep costs low, because adult children have moved out, or simply because your dream home happens to be a little smaller than your current property, you're bound to face a few challenges along the way. You might find that certain items of furniture won't fit, that you need to rethink your storage solutions, or that you need to get rid of more than you'd expected. Follow the tips below to make your move to a smaller home as stress-free as possible.

Throw out Anything Your Obviously Don't Need 

We all manage to accumulate tons of junk over the years, and when you have the space it's easy to hold onto things you really don't need. Start the decluttering process by throwing out anything that's old, broken, or won't ever be used. That means chucking that faulty TV you thought you might repair one day, ditching the clothes you haven't worn in years, and letting go of those unwanted gifts that you know you'll never use. Remember that getting rid of stuff like this leaves more room for items you care about.

Sketch a Plan for Each Room and Ditch Furniture That's Not Needed 

There's no point in paying to move loads of furniture to your new place if you know it won't fit. Before you even start to think about hiring a removal van, sit down and sketch a floor plan for each room of your new home. Include any large items of furniture, like beds, sofas, tables, etc. Don't try to squash in more than makes sense, as this will only make your new space feel cluttered and messy. Once you're happy with your plan, decide what you'll do with the furniture you don't need. You could leave it for the new owner, sell it, or donate to charity,

Hire a Storage Locker as a Last Resort Only

Hiring storage is ideal if there are items you know you'll use again one day, but don't have room for right now. For example, if you're only downsizing temporarily, and plan to move to a large home fairly soon, it makes no sense to get rid of all your furniture. Don't fall into the trap of just storing everything, though, especially if your smaller property is going to be permanent. It's easy to waste money storing stuff you'll never use again.

Moving into a smaller property? Avoid stress by following these tips.