4 Important Reasons to Use Shade Sails for Your Establishment's Outside Seating Area

Eating outside is a real pleasure when the weather is good, and most parts of the country see enough sun to keep al fresco eating an option for most of the year. However, most people enjoy having a little shade to sit under when they're eating, and shade sails are a great way to provide it.

Here are just four reasons shade sails are a perfect fit for your establishment's outside area.

1. Attractive Appearance

Whether you're running a restaurant that needs to look its best to keep bringing in business or you are the manager of a care facility that needs a place where residents can be seated outside, appearance is always going to be important. Shade sails are perfect because they come in such a diverse array of colours. You can pick out the exact colours that suit your establishment, from vibrant ones to suit children to pastels for more peaceful and elegant surroundings. Since shade sails easily be changed, you can even entirely change the appearance of your outside dining area at the drop of a hat.

2. UV Protection and Ventilation

Nearly all types of shade will protect against harmful UV rays and glare, but the great thing about shade sails is that they can provide protection while still letting through enough heat to keep people comfortable. Most shade sails are made using semi-permeable fabric to ensure a strong circulation of cool air, so diners aren't going to get too hot. If you like, you can use waterproof sails so people can comfortably eat outside whether the rain is coming down or the sun is shining its hardest.

3. Low Maintenance

Shade sails can be changed very easily, so all you need to do is take them down and have them washed to get them as good as new. In contrast, cleaning a fixed structure is going to be very tough, possibly requiring your outside dining area to be shut off for a few days. Better yet, shade sail structures require minimal ongoing maintenance. In general, the only fixed structures will be the posts used to attach the sails, and these require very little attention. If you're in a part of the country subject to frequent storms, you can have the sails taken in to remove the risk of property damage.

4. Open Environment

The problem with using a fixed structure to protect your outside seating area from the sun is that doing so makes that area feel quite closed in. Shade sails are different. With only a few posts needed, your outside space will continue feeling open, and your wait staff will be able to move around freely.