What Are Biodegradable Plant Pots & Why Should You Use Them?

Most people use plastic pots for their plants, but more and more are becoming familiar with the advantages that come with going biodegradable. As you might well imagine, a biodegradable pot is one that will naturally break down in the soil over a certain period, and they come with some fantastic benefits.

Multiple Biodegradable Pot Options

There are several different kinds of biodegradable plant pots, but you can basically break them all down into either those made from biodegradable plastic or those made from materials like coir or wood fibre.

The biodegradable plastic pot offers many of the benefits of a traditional pot, lasting a very long time and being very easy to handle. The difference is that you can choose to cut them up and then add them to your compost or the bottom of a planting hole to dispose of them. It can take several years for them to break down completely.

Biodegradable pots made from wood fibre, peat or coir break down much faster, and you don't have to cut them apart. Instead, you place a plant in them, plant it in the soil, and then the pot breaks down naturally.

Multiple Biodegradable Pot Benefits

The most obvious benefit of biodegradable pots is that they are far better for the environment that traditional ones. There is no waste, or at least no waste that cannot be immediately reabsorbed back into the soil, and the pots themselves are made using plenty of renewable and sustainable raw materials.

But there are benefits that go beyond being environmentally-friendly, and here are just a few.

  1. Roots push through the sides of a pot as it breaks down. Instead of coiling, folding, spiralling, knotting, or developing any other form of root deformation, the roots are distributed naturally.
  2. Fussy plants that don't like to be moved or that suffer greatly from transplant shock or root disturbance can be better accommodated if the pot simply breaks down around them.
  3. You won't need to go to the bother or removing plants from pots as they grow too large. This might not be a huge factor if you're only going to be planting a couple, but it becomes more important as your nursery grows, especially if you need to time the moving of several different species.

Biodegradable pots help the environment, cut down on labour, and even help your plants grow, so why not consider using them in your garden or nursery? Contact a company that sells nursery supplies for additional information.