Why You Always Want a Locksmith to Handle a Lockout

If you've been locked out of your home, you don't want to try to force your way back into the house, or try to get through a locked window, pet door, or other such access point. Instead, it's good to simply call a locksmith and have him or her get you back into the home, safely and securely. Note why this is, so you know to have the number of a locksmith on hand for any time you might get locked out of your home.

Getting stuck

You may not realize how easy it is to actually get stuck in a window or pet door, but this can happen to anyone. Being able to squeeze your head and shoulders through such an opening doesn't mean you'll then be able to squeeze your abdomen, hips, and lower body through as well. If you should get stuck in a partially open window or pet door, this isn't just embarrassing; you could cause physical injury to yourself, risking severe cuts and bruises and even internal injuries. Rescue workers may also need to cut out a doorframe or window in order to free you, and this could result in expensive repair bills. To avoid this risk of injury and these costs, never try to squeeze through any partially opened window, sliding door, or pet door of your home.

Damage to lock and door

Trying to pick a lock with a paperclip, screwdriver, or any such homemade tool can damage it; the lock tumblers can be bent out of position, and the cylinder of the lock can suffer deep scratches and gouges, so that the lock won't stay secure. You might even splinter the wood of an entryway door if you should try to force the lock to open, and wind up pulling the entire lock out of position. This can mean a lock that won't close properly once you're back in the home, and the cost of a replacement lock and repairs to the door.

Simple job

You may struggle for literally hours trying to get yourself back into your home, whereas a locksmith may be able to open your lock within minutes, if not even seconds. He or she can also reset the lock and give you a new key if needed, saving you that time and the risk of injury to yourself and damage to your home. Rather than struggle and risk these added costs, it's best to just call a locksmith and have them open the lock quickly for you.

Contact a local lockout service for more information.