How Double Glazed Windows Can Save you Money

 Did you know that double glazing your windows can save you money? When most people think about double glazed windows, cost-saving hardly comes to mind. However not only are these windows trendier and stronger than ordinary windows but also, they can go a long way in saving costs. Even though double glazed windows may be a little pricier than regular glass windows, they will prove to be cheaper in the long run. Here is how.

Reduction in energy-related costs

 Ordinary glass windows can be blamed for heat loss and condensation issues during cold weather and significant heat gain during warmer weather. This means that your home will be unbearably hot during summer and significantly cold when winter comes knocking. Of course, It is easy to crank up the AC or to turn on the heater but what if there was a cheaper option?  Double glazed windows have a gap between the glasses which traps heat. This gap could also be filled with gas which reduces the amount of heat loss. Double glazed windows can also prevent the transfer of heat from outside. What this means is that there will be little need to keep heating or cooling the house.

Noise insulation costs

If you live near an airport or next to a busy street, noise insulation will be a priority for you. Double glazed windows will save you the costs associated with noise insulation as they insulate your house from noise without any additions. 

Double glazing increases your home's value

In the event that you want to sell your home or re-mortgage it, double glazed windows will push its value up. This will make it easier for you to get more money from your house than if you had single glazed windows.


There are grants related to energy saving. South Australian households can participate in the Retailer Energy efficiency scheme and get assistance with the installation of double glazed windows.

It's expensive not to double glaze

If you think the cost of double glazing is too high, consider the cost of doing nothing. Double glazing will cost you some money but not fitting double glazed windows will cost you more. Without double glazed windows, you will have to deal with the following:

•    Costs of heating and cooling which keep going up.

•    Noise disturbance

•    Cost of replacing your heating and cooling systems.

If you are looking to save money, reduce noise and enjoy great thermal comfort, double glazed windows is the way to go. You will not only have a beautiful home but a high-value home as well.