4 Reasons Blinds Beat Film for Your Home's Conservatory

If you have a conservatory, you might have been told about the benefits of using film instead of blinds to cut down on the amount of heat and UV light that comes through your windows. However, film still fails to match the advantages of traditional window blinds, which is one reason why people continue to use blinds instead of film.

Here are just four reasons why blinds remain the superior choice.

1. Blinds Keep Working With the Windows Open

Window film can work great, but it only works when the windows are closed. It's something you might not consider when you first think about adding film, but just keep in mind how often you open the windows in your conservatory. It's always nice to be able to open them up to have fresh air stream into your conservatory, especially during the height of summer. When you do, you can keep blinds drawn to keep out the sun, maintain your privacy, and stop the room getting too drafty, which is not an option with film.  

2. Blinds Provide Superior Privacy

Blinds can be dropped in seconds to ensure that nobody can see in or out of your windows. There are some kinds of window film that prevent anyone from looking inside, but they tend to make a conservatory exterior look quite unpleasant — just imagine how yours will look covered in tinted windows!

3. Blinds Are More Attractive

Ever noticed how there's more than one kind of window blind? That's because blinds are used as much for decoration as for any functional purpose. You can use horizontal stainless-steel blinds for a more modern and official appearance, or you can use vertical wood slat blinds to create a more homey and traditional appearance. Without blinds, your conservatory will look a little sparse and poorly decorated.

4. Blinds Offer Superior Versatility

Finally, blinds are simply far more versatile than film. It's not like you can just strip off the film and put it up again later — once the film has been adhered to your windows, it needs to stay there. That's not much of an issue for commercial properties, but it's far from ideal for your home. Maybe some days you'll want as much light and heat streaming through as possible. You can simply raise your blinds and let it all flow in. Perhaps you want to totally block out light — again, that's going to be impossible with film.