4 Reasons Your Carpet Deserves Steam Cleaning Instead of Shampooing

Carpets should be vacuumed regularly to remove surface-level dust and debris, but they also demand more intense cleaning every six months or so. Some people choose to buy carpet shampoo and clean their carpets themselves — carpets shampoos are pretty easy to use, though they require some elbow grease, but there are actually many advantages that come with having your carpets professionally steam cleaned instead, and here are just four.

1. Deeper Cleaning

On a very basic level, steam cleaning and shampooing work in the same way; both methods aim to break down the bond between carpet fibres and unwanted particles. However, shampoo doesn't get through the upper portion of those fibres as easily, so it's still more of a top-level cleaner. In contrast, steam cleaners heat carpet fibres right down to the root before extracting dirt and debris. It's simply a deeper and more effective carpet cleaning method.

2. Maintains Colour  

Steam cleaning uses water heated to very high temperatures, but it's a lot kinder on your carpets than most shampoos. This is down to the fact that most carpet shampoos contain some kind of brightener. If you think your carpet looks better than ever after shampooing, the brightening agent is probably why; unfortunately, brighteners contribute to a yellowing effect over time. Steam cleaning uses nothing but hot water.

3. Prevents Fibre Damage

Shampooing carpet isn't that fun — nobody likes scrubbing all day long. What adds insult to injury is that the circular scrubbing motion required needs to walk quite a fine line. If you're too soft, the carpet won't get cleaned; if you go too hard, the fibres will be damaged. Most people go too hard, ending up with worn and fuzzy carpet fibres. Steam cleaning doesn't present such problems.

4. Attracts No Dirt

The whole point of cleaning your carpet is to get rid of dirt, so it can come as some surprise to learn that shampooing will possibly attract more dirt. If not handled professionally, it's easy for a little too much shampoo to be used or for it to be soaked up improperly. In either case, a sticky residue will be left, and that residue is going to attract dirt all over again.

Carpet shampooing might seem like a more convenient option, but it could attract dirt, fail to clean beyond surface level fibres, and damage your carpet in more ways than one. As such, consider steam cleaning instead.