Privacy Screens You Could Contemplate For Your Deck

Finally becoming a homeowner is a dream that most people strive to achieve. And if you are fortunate enough to have a yard on your property, you probably will opt to construct an alfresco space that would allow you to enjoy nature while either relaxing or entertaining loved ones. Nonetheless, having a deck does come with the pertinent question of privacy. If you can easily peer into your neighbour's yard, chances are they can reciprocate this too! Therefore, it would be essential to consider ways to make your outdoor space private so that you do not have to feel watched when spending time on your deck. The following are some privacy screen solutions that you could contemplate for your deck.

A wattle screen

If you would prefer a privacy screen that will add a touch of rustic appeal to your deck, then a screen made from wattle would be a great addition to your home. This type of privacy screen is constructed through the process of repurposing tree branches, twigs and even reeds, which gives it the appearance of a living screen despite the fact that it is not. Moreover, wattle screens provide your space with a unique sculptural element as these types of materials are typically associated with garden fencing rather than privacy screens.

A slatted screen

Homeowners who view privacy and lighting as equally important to you when in search of privacy screens for your deck may want to consider a slatted screen for their needs. This type of privacy screen transforms your deck into a pergola-like structure and is popular for two principal reasons. Firstly, the slats on the screen will disrupt views onto your deck, so you do not have to worry about prying eyes knowing your every move whenever you are outdoors. Secondly, the space in between the slats allow for light illumination, so you do not have to feel like your deck has transformed into a cave by installing the privacy screens. As a pro tip, consider louvred slats for the privacy screen as these will allow for complete light control when you are on the deck.

A lattice screen

Lattice screens are a fantastic addition to homes that have a distinct contemporary or minimalist design. The ornate designs on these screens add a beautiful aesthetic to your deck, making them a much sought after solution for people who would like their privacy screens to enhance the kerb appeal of their decking. Additionally, lattice screens allow for the growth of climbing plants, giving you the opportunity to create a vertical garden right at your deck.