When to Hire an Interior Consultant

An interior consultant or designer can help to improve the look and feel, and even the overall layout, of any and all spaces inside your home. They can help you to choose furniture pieces and accessories, and even suggest renovations to a home, such as removing certain walls or adding built-ins. If you don't feel comfortable in your home, or know that the design could use some improving, note when and why it's good to hire an interior consultant, and how they can help.

Your home seems cold 

If your home's interior always seems cold, you might not need new insulation and a new furnace. Instead, you might want to warm up a room with thick fabric and darker colours, and remove cold surfaces, such as metal and glass accessories. An interior consultant can suggest how to introduce those warmer fabrics and colours in a room without overwhelming the space, and can also note which surfaces and accessories may be making the space seem cold and bare. He or she may even be able to bring in some literal heat, by way of a ventless fireplace, skylight, and other such features.

The home doesn't feel "yours"

Your home's interior should be comfortable and welcoming, while also expressing your own style. However, many homeowners don't even know how to describe their style, much less can they choose the home furnishings and accessories that would fit that style. An interior consultant can work with you to pinpoint a certain style of furniture, a favourite colour, certain textures, and other such details that are unique to you, and then work with you to choose furniture, accessories, artwork, and even flooring that express your style. In the end, you'll have a home that is truly yours, and one that you love spending time in.

Nothing matches

One mistake many homeowners make is to buy furniture, accessories, and artwork individually, just picking out pieces they like, without considering how those pieces will fit together. This can make a space look busy and even cluttered. An interior consultant can work with you in order to bring all those pieces together. This might mean sticking with your sofa and a painting on the wall, but then changing the armchair and table, introducing a new paint colour on the wall, and adding toss pillows to help the pieces coordinate. Whatever the case, don't make the mistake of just buying new items if the items you have now are all mismatched, but let an interior consultant help pull everything together for you.