Interior Design: Three Critical Considerations for Curtain Selection

If you are planning on enhancing your interior design by installing new window coverings, you should think about purchasing curtains. Curtains are favourable in comparison to alternative treatments because there are countless product designs. These coverings are also relatively inexpensive, and they are easy to install without professional assistance. However, you should note that the appearance and functionality of the curtains will depend on the specific products chosen. Here are some considerations to help you select the best curtains.

Curtain Fabric

When choosing your new curtains, you should evaluate and compare the different fabrics. The choice of material will determine the appearance and performance of the window covering after installation. In general, it is advisable to have different fabrics for the different seasons. This will allow you to swap out the curtains, depending on the desired effects. For example, you can use heavier fabrics such as velvet for cold months. These curtains drape well, and they will keep your interior space insulated. Lighter fabrics such as lace and linen can be hung during the hot seasons for an airy and billowy appearance.

Colour and Pattern

Your choice of curtain colour will influence your interior design significantly. Therefore, it is important to choose the best hues and shades to enhance the appeal of your home. It is advisable to opt for colours which complement your existing scheme. Your curtains should not clash with your carpeting, furniture or interior wall colours. If you are uncertain about the best shade, you should opt for plain, neutral colours. This choice will minimise the likelihood of unattractive clashing. However, if your home has a lot of neutrals already, you should think about using bolder colours for visual interest. You can also select patterned curtains for your house. However, you should be careful not to choose an overly dramatic design. Otherwise, your house will look overdone. Opt for simple patterns which will not look too conspicuous in your interior space.

Curtain Height

The height of your curtain will influence the appearance of your window and the effect of the covering in your interior space. Therefore, you should evaluate your home and choose the design that will complement your home perfectly. In general, it is advisable to choose long curtains as opposed to alternatives that end around the windowsill. Longer curtains can make the ceiling look higher. If you want a clean modern look, choose coverings that stop above the floor. For a traditional look, you should allow the fabric to drag along the floor.