3 Stunning Balustrade Options to Consider When Revamping an Old Staircase

Renovating an older home is a challenging yet rewarding project. Not only can you create a more modern and beautiful home, you can also dramatically increase the value of your investment. A full-scale renovation consists of many smaller projects that contribute to the overall finished product. In a two storey home, this often includes giving the staircase a revamp.

While staircases may not be the most prominent feature of a home, they actually play a bigger role in the aesthetic success of a renovation project. Balustrades are one of the key elements of a staircase and replacing old, outdated balustrades can make the biggest impact on how modern and attractive your staircase looks. Here are the three main options for staircase balustrades for you to consider.

1. Timber

Timber balustrades have been used in homes around the country for centuries, and they're still a popular option today. You can opt for traditional timber balustrades that use ornate carving and turning to create an elegant and timeless look. For a more contemporary style, you might like to consider a simpler, pared-back Scandinavian inspired timber look.

If your staircase suffers from natural light, it's wise to choose a pale timber that helps to brighten up the stairwell. Painted timber balustrades are also a beautiful and elegant option and paint gives you the opportunity to tie the staircase in with the decor of the rest of the house.

2. Glass

Glass balustrades are an increasingly popular choice in modern Australian homes. Glass is ideal if you want to maximise light and create an open and airy feel for your staircase. It's also has a highly contemporary look which will give your home an edgy and fresh feel.

You can choose to have frameless glass balustrades if you'd like to create a seamless line of sight through the stairwell. If you prefer to have a handrail, glass balustrades can be teamed up with timber or steel without compromising on the modern aesthetic of your staircase.

3. Steel

Steel balustrades are another popular option for modernising a staircase. Steel is incredibly strong and durable and it requires very little in the way of maintenance and cleaning. You will also find there is an excellent variety of styles available to choose from.

Steel balustrades can be clean, sleek and minimalist if you're hoping to create a contemporary look in your home. If you'd like a more classic and sophisticated look, then you can opt for elegant, shaped steel balustrades that create a sculptural focal feature for your new staircase.