Carports: Factors to Think About Before Building a Carport

A carport provides a lot of necessary protection for your car. It shields it from both rain, snow and direct sunlight. Timber, plastic or metal are materials used in constructing carports. Wood and metal are your best choices because they are durable. Here are three factors to consider before putting up a carport.  


Consider the amount of money available for the project. Visit several contractors and find out how much they charge for the construction of a car stall. That way, you can find someone who fits in your budget. As regards cost, you should also consider the type of material you will use for the construction. Certain types of timber are more expensive than others. Plastic is cheap but is not as durable. Ensure that you take the time to weigh your options and pick the best type of construction material. When you consider cost, you should factor in future maintenance costs.  

Building Regulations 

Consider the local councils building regulations. You can visit their website and check the building requirements. In case there is something you do not understand, you can visit the council offices and ask for clarification. Find out whether you need permits for your car stall. Every council will have specification on the type of buildings and the locations of such structures. They may also have regulation on construction materials. For example, if they insist on eco-friendly building materials, you should use those. 

To get a building permit, the council officials will need to see your building plans and paperwork on land ownership. They may also want to inspect the site. They will also want to know your contractor. Ensure that you hire one that is well trained. Bear in mind that checking council regulations will protect you from hefty fines for building without a license. 


Your car stall should fit in with the overall design of your home. Take time to look through various models and find one that complements your home. For instance, if your home has a low-slanted roof should have a carport with similar qualities. The carport should effortlessly fit into your home. Consider the colours you have used in your home. Ensure that you paint the carport in the same colours. You can take time to talk to your contractor on what will work for your home.  


Carports are a vital part of your home design. Consider the above factors to ensure you get value for your money.