Why Quality Is Always Better Than Quantity When It Comes To Styling Your Home

Having a bit of patience when it comes to populating your home with the day-to-day items that you want always leads to a more satisfying end result. While trends come and go, quality, well-made designer homewares are classic and never go out of style. Their build quality also means that they rarely break, and their warranty usually is extensive to back up this faith in their product. While sometimes it is nice to treat yourself and get something new and trendy, here are some designer homewares you should save up for and get to start a solid foundation for decades to come.


Most households will have some fine china that they bring out when special guests are around, but many serve this food with their everyday cutlery. This is a shame when there are so many designer options when it comes to cutlery, and all of them come with beautiful finishes and a high level of attention to detail. If you want to get even more opulent, you can start refining your search to cutlery made of precious metals like gold, silver or platinum. Saving up a bit of money and getting yourself designer homewares means never feeling awkward about guests popping in unexpectedly, and good cutlery is definitely part of this.

Throw Blankets

Everyone loves having pillows as accessories, but often the focus can stay on them a little too much so that you forget to get an accompanying throw blanket. There is nothing more embarrassing than having to hide the ratty old blankets you might use on a daily basis when friends come over, so why not upgrade them all into one designer version? The softness is next to none, and they last better and shrink far less than common alternatives. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on throw blankets over the years, spend a portion of that on investing in a really good blanket to go with your cushions.

Jars And Containers

A good jar can come to define a space in your kitchen. Many people fondly remember raiding their grandparent's jars and tins for lollies and biscuits, and those designs stay with you for a lifetime. If you want to create a homely but stylistically distinct version of your kitchen, then you need to get some designer options when it comes to your visible storage. Keeping cookies or even something like nuts or coffee in a nicely styled jar can remove that commercial feeling of keeping them in packaging.