Reasons Why Retractable Awnings Are Better than Alternatives

Many possibilities might grab your attention when looking for ways to update your patio, from what material to spread across the ground underneath to what furniture to arrange around the space. However, one of the most crucial elements is what is overhead. One way to cover and protect your outdoor area is with a retractable awning. Read on to discover reasons why this option is better than alternatives, such as no covering, an umbrella, or a fixed awning.

Better than No Protection  

It's better to protect your patio with a retractable awning rather than to leave it to fend for itself. Sun, rain and hail all affect the condition of external objects, whether it be the paving, furniture, or decorative pots, which will needlessly deteriorate and thus put your design efforts to waste. A retractable awning, though, will protect the area, and you can set it up to do this whether you're home or not. Install a model with a sun sensor that recognises when sun rays strike a windowpane or glass door adjacent to the patio. The sensor, in response, will cause the awning to extend automatically. If you're concerned about windy conditions, consider a model with a wind sensor that will cause it to retract once the breeze blows too strongly.   

Better than Other Forms of Shade Such as Umbrellas and Fixed Awnings  

Thus, a retractable awning is far better than leaving your patio exposed and vulnerable. This type of shelter is also better than alternatives, such as portable umbrellas and fixed roof coverings.  

The problem with portable umbrellas — apart from the fact that the wind can turn them into airborne missiles — is that you have the hassle of setting them up and closing them down. A retractable awning, on the other hand, can not only sense sun and wind but they're also available in automated models that you can operate by pressing a button. 

Umbrellas also offer only small patches of shade. As the sun moves, so does the shaded area, and you'll likely need to shift chairs and tables to remain in shadow. A retractable awning, on the other hand, creates a broad shade area over the entire patio so you can relax for hours as the sun drifts across the sky.    

A retractable awning is also better than a fixed awning. While these permanent roofs cover a large space, they obstruct the view out to the garden with fixed poles. With retractable awnings, though, the support structure is overhead in the form of arms that hold up the fabric. This structure retains a sense of openness and connection to the landscape.

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