3 Top Awning Trends for Homeowners

As summer approaches, you want to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the cool breeze and save on your energy bills. Therefore, it is the right time to pay close attention to the patio if you have been neglecting it. One way to revamp a patio is by installing an awning. The blinds are excellent protective and decorative add-ons to a patio. This article highlights awning designs to consider for your patio. 

Self-Cleaning Awnings

A dirty awning makes your patio and the entire outdoor space look unsightly. As such, you need to clean your awnings as regularly as possible, especially if it is installed under a tree. If you find that it is difficult to clean your awning, then you will be happy to know that manufacturers have designed retractable self-cleaning awnings. With a self-cleaning awning, your job becomes easy and manageable. The best part is that a self-cleaning awning is made from premium waterproof acrylic fabric. The material is coated with special particles with the ability to repel dirt and moisture. Since dirt beads do not settle on the awning, all you have to do is splash water and the particles roll right off the surface.  

Customised Design

Gone are the days when homeowners had no option but to settle for stock awning designs dotting every other patio in their neighbourhood. Today, awning manufacturers understand that customers want unique products; therefore, they are coming up with sophisticated and architecturally-appealing awning designs. Moreover, advancements in fabrication, such as 3D printing, welding, and fabric designs, have made it easy for manufacturers to customise awnings according to customers' tastes and preferences. For instance, if you want an awning fabric design to resemble the wings of a butterfly, a manufacturer can do it for you. However, the cost of customised awning designs depends on the complexity. 

Straight Drop Awnings

If you are looking for awnings that complement your modern home, then look no further than straight drop awnings. The popularity of straight drop awnings has been growing for some time, mainly because of their ease of operation. You can raise or lower them manually via a pulley system or choose a motorised version. Straight drop awnings are excellent for patios with a roof, and the best part is that you can stop them at any height, which guarantees shade without interfering with your landscape's view. 

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