Places You Should Put Security Screens Other Than The Front Door

Security screens have been popular additions to Australian homes for many decades now, and over time they have gotten lighter, cheaper and less obvious while getting even stronger than they were in the past. These changes have made them more accessible than ever before, but a lot of people still only consider them for the front door of their home. In a sense, you can understand this logic, as the front door is the place most at risk when it comes to intruders, but there are many other doors you should consider securing with security screens. 


When you think about just how many valuable tools, materials and pieces of equipment are in the average shed, it can seem crazy that there is generally not that many security features on them. Security screens are easy to install and fit in with the more relaxed vibe of a backyard shed, so they do not look out of place at all. Even though they blend in well, they still provide so much extra security, and even if they only stop one intrusion their entire working life, it will have saved you a bunch of cash overall. If you have a backyard shed, then you should seriously consider security screens for them.

Retail Back Exit

While most retail shop owners have quite good security features on the front of their building, the back exits are where their lack of preparation can let them down. Often the back of the building will exit into a parking lot or side street with only a single lock on the door. Security screens increase your safety without making it so totally obvious as to what they are. That makes it much easier to work without feeling like you are locked in prison all the time, and it is still very easy to get out when you need to.

Garage Side Door

Many Australian's have a side door that enters into their garage in addition to the large, automatic gate that lets your car in. This door is just about the easiest entry into your home after the front door, as it is often left unlocked because of how it is generally not used that much and many owners simply forget about it. Many thieves and burglars look for the easiest point of access to your house, and a side entry into an often unused room is perfect. Don't give them that option, keep yourself and your family secure with a good security screen door. 

To learn more, contact a local security door supplier.